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AS Cerfitification Center, referred to as ASCC,core technology from Germany one of the five laboratory of emitel-AG, is a company engaged in product safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, analysis, testing and certification of chemistry and materials of electronic and electrical products of toxic and hazardous substances (RoHS), one with scientific research the strength of a certification body reliability test, standard research, product design and EMC strategy, skills training, scientific research, experimental detection instrument.

Located in Shenzhen Nanshan District,ASCC houses an advanced 3m EMC chamber、EMC test facilities, and an integrated Safety Laboratory. Its instrumentation requirements, equipment and test systems are designed to meet with world class quality and the stringent stipulations of the world renowned authorities.   We have a highly experienced and skilled team specializing in testing, design, research and development and we provide ample testing spaces for all sorts of products. The anechoic EMC chamber is one of the few 3m chambers found in the local Mainland, and fully meets the requirements of the ANSI C63.4, EN50147, CISPR16 and GB/T6113 standards.

Our laboratories are operated strictly in accordance with the standards of ISO/IEC17025. Presently we are associated with many international homologation and certification bodies such as TUV, UL, CSA, FCC, FDA, TCP and CNAS We are therefore well poised to conduct tests, give out test reports and to obtain certificates from such homologation and certification bodies.  All in all, starting from the application for testing, standards consultation, technological support, training and overall research and development, technical modification of products to the final issuance of certificates, we offer a “one-stop” service in emitel SZ. We are ready to provide you the appropriate solution to all your questions and problems, allowing you to access overseas destinations and become a global market player in the shortest time possible

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